Jane Gavaghen is an oil painter based in Freehold NJ.

Jane Gavaghen is a member of the Oil Painters of America.

Jane Gavaghen is an oil painter based in Freehold NJ. Jane’s work is loosely impressionistic. Her serenely charming landscapes focus on local scenes. Jane tends toward a tonalist, low key palette, reminiscent of the early American Hudson River School and the European masters of old.

Jane paints directly, wet into wet when creating studies outdoors. In the studio, she often paints indirectly on larger pieces, layering glazes on a neutral underpainting.

Jane’s work seeks to orchestrate scenic elements into visually interesting compositions that evoke nostalgia and emphasizes the transient nature of beauty and life. Often Jane’s compositions reference an unseen element and include reflections, shadows, distant vistas, and historical sites. With these and other techniques, Jane seeks to create space within and beyond the canvas and trigger a sense of intuitive belonging for the viewer.

Reach Jane at JaneGav115@Gmail.com