Jane Gavaghen is an oil painter based in Freehold NJ.

Jane Gavaghen is a member of the Oil Painters of America. Galleries representing her work include the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, where she was granted exhibiting artist status, and Freehold Art Gallery, which hosted her solo show in May 2019. Jane also exhibits at the Art Alliance of Monmouth County, Thompson Gallery and the LBI Arts Center.

Jane works primarily in oils and strives to employ techniques and materials that will ensure the durability of her work. Recent awards include a Judges Award in the Spring 2019 Freehold Art Society art show at the Carnegie Library in Freehold and an Achievement Award from the Guild of Creative Art for her entry, The Chior of Angels and Saints, in their 2021 Edgy show.

Jane is a board member of the Freehold Art Society and enjoys organizing and curating shows on behalf of the Art Society, recently at the Center Street Playhouse and a public art expo at Lake Topanemus. In 2019, the Freehold Art Society presented Jane with the Lillian Gibson Award in recognition of her efforts in creating new partnerships and encouraging new memberships. 

Jane’s work seeks to orchestrate scenic elements into a visually interesting composition that evokes nostalgia and emphasizes the transient nature of beauty and life. Many of Jane’s compositions emphasize an unseen element and include reflections, shadows, distant vistas and historical sites. With these and other techniques, Jane seeks to create space beyond the canvas and trigger a sense of intuitive belonging for the viewer.

Jane’s work in oils and acrylics is loosely impressionistic. Many of her serenely charming paintings are focused on local scenes. Jane tends toward a tonalist, low key palette, reminiscent of the early American Hudson River School and the European masters of old. Her work has been influenced by the early landscapes of Claude Monet as well as American tonalists George Inness and Lovell Birge Harrison. Among contemporary American painters, Jane admires the precision and realism of Clyde Aspevig, Kenn Errol Bachhaus’ moody portrayal of the North Eastern US and Julie Ford Oliver’s daringly active canvases and bold colors.